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Consignment is easy... we now have over 2000 suppliers!  Here's how it works -

We do ask consignors and suppliers have an appointment. Review our preparation guidelines, round up your items and give us a call to set your appointment. If you're not sure what to bring give us a call and we can let you know what we're accepting at that time. Our busiest consigning months are Feb/March & Sept/October so call early for an appt during those months.

Bringing Items in

When selecting merchandise, our customers' preferences, past sales and current stock must be our guidelines. We select only the best so sometimes there will be items that we can't accept. Please do not be offended! When we set high standards - everyone benefits!

1st-time suppliers please limit your first appointment to 1 tote or basket so that you can see our store and get a better idea of what we accept. Remember, we're not looking for garage sale or low-end mart merchandise - bring only your best.


Pre-approved current Consignors may do a "Drop & Run". but we ask that you limit it to 1 laundry basket or tote per drop, as we have many appointments to accommodate. Remember - you must presort to our criteria and come back for your "No Thank You's" within a few days or they will be donated as we have very little storage space. We can call you back with a cash/Store Credit price once we sort through it - or you may consign current season items.

Consign With Us!

Consignment -  Accepted items will under contract and on the salesfloor for 60 days   As they sell, a percent of the final selling price will be deposited into your account. (See Terms below) - You can spend your balance with us in the store or cash out.

We will look at any season but you can only consign current season items.

Cash or Store Credit offer

Cash Buy Out (Garage Sale or better prices paid immediately on select items - 
you're basically our wholesale supplier!

Cash is a great quick way to get those unwanted things out of your home and put cash in your pocket!
*Do we buy everything?  Nope... we are very select in the items that we do a cash buy-out on.
Many items, we may not be willing to purchase upfront, but will be more than happy to consign for you if you choose.

Store Credit (We add 20% to your cash buyout - spend it anytime)

Store Credit will stretch your shopping dollar even further as we add 20% on top of your cash price.

Store Credit can be used that day or we'll credit your account to use whenever - it never expires!


Off-season items will only receive a cash or store credit offer.

Consignment Terms

Items brought in for consignment will be displayed seasonally with markdowns after 30 days. Spring/Summer items are displayed from Feb to June (Clearance in July) Fall/Winter items from Aug to Dec (Clearance in Jan) A .10 cent tagging fee is withdrawn when the item sells. You'll receive between 40% and 55% of the final selling price  - Items needing attention will receive a lower % of final selling price or a cleaning fee so it pays to do your part. Discount brands, if taken (Walmart/KMart) only receive 25%.

*Final price excludes a store fee paid by the purchaser that is added to each item before it goes to the sales floor. This fee helps us support our local Schools, Organizations & Community! 

After your 60 day contract items will expire (See "Unsold Items" below) and, unless you have requested them back, become store property for the final clearance rack, donation or bag sale.  If any expired item happens to sell after the 60 days before its moved to the $1sale rack, as a courtesy a 10-20% payment in STORE CREDIT will be deposited into your acct.  As always, if you see one of your items in our FINAL CLEARANCE AREA that you'd like back, just let us know!

Clothing Criteria

When selecting items to bring in ask yourself "Is this something I would buy?" We are not looking for garage sale merchandise. Items that are torn, missing buttons, stained, faded, pilled or smells of smoke or other odors, will not be accepted. Clothes need to be in style and therefore should have been purchased in the last few seasons. So, if it's been in your closet for many years it's safe to say it's probably not what we're looking for! Clothing should be in-season, gently worn, freshly laundered (within 7 days) and neatly folded in a box or laundry basket.

No grocery or trash bags! We are looking for mall and department store name brands like  Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Aeropostale, Am Eagle, Buckle, Maurices, C & Banks, Fashion Bug, Nike West etc.

In addition to clothing, accessories, handbags, perfume & shoes ... we're also looking for Small Furniture, current home decor, Sports Equip, DVD's, Nursing Scrubs.... all in excellent-nearly new condition. Check out what we're looking for and what sells best on the "We're Looking For.." link at the top.

Clothing Preparation

PLEASE WASH ALL CLOTHING within 7 days of bringing it in!! (Unless its New with Tags)  Then NEATLY fold in a laundry basket, tote or box so they do not wrinkle. Tennis shoes/cleats need to be run through the washer and air dried. Shoes, sandals and boots need to be wiped down or polished.
Items should be ready for the sales floor. An additional charge will be added for items needing prep. (Steaming, spot cleaning, de-pilling, etc)


Number 1 reason your items may not have been taken..... STAINS!  Florecent lighting is unforgivable!  We have 2 lights above our work area to catch flaws.  You'd be surprised how they show up under our lighting!



We base prices on supply and demand and will work hard to get the best possible prices for you. However, we do reserve the right to take markdowns and run sales. Generally we price items 1/4 to 1/2 of it's original retail price with markdowns every 20 days If you have a special item that you'd like a firm price on, please let us know and we'll see if we can accept it. Original price documentation (Printed receipt, catalog page) is helpful.

Unsold Items

We work very hard to display and sell your items but after a reasonable amount of time of being discounted down, it's time to let them go! All unsold expired items become store property to Final Clearance, donate or hold for our Bag Sale.   We do make an exception for items priced $10 or more. If you still would rather these unsolds items NOT go to Charity - we can tag your account as "Return" . You will be given a date that you must call by to check on your account. If there are unsold items on your account (Priced $10 or over) we will pull them for you and have them ready for pickup. (24 hours notice needed) The .10cent tagging fee will be applied per item that we return. Items will be held for only 7 days. Unclaimed items will be donated as we have very limited storage.  As always, if you see one of your items in our FINAL CLEARANCE AREA that you'd like back, just let us know!


It's up to you to check your account balance. Call or stop in for money owed you at anytime - we can normally pay on the spot! If for some reason we've had lots of payouts that day, we'll write you a check that you can cash at the local Lyndon State Bank immediately. We can also mail checks with a minimum $25 balance by request for $1.  If an account becomes dormant (no spending activity for 12mo or more) the account balance will be transfered into Store Credit so that we can get the cash off of our books.  Store Credit never expires, however a $2 Dormant Acct Fee is applied each month after it becomes dormant, so please use your credit in a timely fashion.


We are careful and trustworthy, and encourage our customers to be also, but cannot be held liable for fire, theft or damage to merchandise. Check with your agent to see if your Homeowners Policy will cover your items.



That's about it! We look forward to a long, happy, profitable partnership!
Any questions feel free to call or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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